edit.. i'm not sure if change for wordpress(dot)com was a good idea.. I must work on that idea a little bit, and back to blogger...



hello, you may wonder where am I, but i'm still on line :) but on other site, I've changed on wordpress, because i like it, so , here it goes: http://takingsomepictures.wordpress.com/ I'm not completely sure if it was a good idea - i have some troubles with galleries on wordpress (it works not so good)... but we will see, i do not close this site yet :-)


Fagaras Mountains

So I'm leaving on Friday...
I'm excited and wondering how these mountains look like; I worry only about dogs and high temperature (I read that in the middle of the month there may be about 40 Celsius degree).
... but, but I'm taking camera, so at the end of August I will place some photos with description here :)

btw: I read some of previous notes - yes, I know there are spelling and grammar errors, sorry for that :-)

*I link photo found on some web.. I think it will be really beautifully :)


London - February 2013

After all I manage to post some photos from my last trip to London;
It was in 02.2013 and the weather for the most time was really nice and sunny;
I took a lot of pictures but decided to placed some of them - part of them I changed by filters.. do you prefer such changes or oryginal ones? :-)

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Going to my homeland

Just sitting in the train, watching the views and traveling to my homeland... :-)
Talking by phone...
At station some child was singing 'dobry dzien, dobry dzien...' (Enej - RADIO HELLO)


Going to mountains... soon

In the nearest future there is a plan...
a plan to visit some mountains in August 2013
guess which one... :-)

Yes, yes :) ,
I'm going to Romania -> Fagaras Mountains,
more you can read right here: http://nsromania.ro/the-fagaras-mountains/


I love taking pictures on different occasions and in different places,
soon I hope to place here (?) more and more photos taken by my camera Canon 650 D.